Kunduru Music is home to the Living Theater series.
Established in 1999, it has produced some of the
world’s favorite contemporary world music.
The songs of Living Theater have been requested for
films (Lou Ye’s “Summer Palace”), television (CSI-Miami),
commercial use (Bacardi) as well as being included
on countless compilations (Buddha Bar, MTV, etc.).
Kunduru Music continues today to license its music
around the world.


Living Theater Greatest Hits


New Artists

Taali M

Taali M’s debut single ”Stand on the Shoulders of Giants” recognizes and celebrates the historical contributions made by several of mankind’s most magnificent (E.g. Aretha Franklin, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali).
A daughter of Africa – A sister of the World this Parisian/Congolese beauty sings the praises of the greats that have come before her in this soaring epic, reminding us that we build our future on the foundation that was laid before us and that our continued development depends on us expounding on that greatness.

Taali comes from the Teke (an African language from Central Africa) and means the sun; the M stands for Marek, Magus in Swahili and it represents the star that directed the 3 wise men to Jesus.

Taali M is a 27 year old Parisian based songwriter and singer of Congolese, Chadian, and Egyptian heritage. Born in France, she travelled extensively with her parents from a very young age and was raised between Congo, Burkina-Faso and Paris.
Growing up, Taali M was lulled by the colorful sounds and unique rhythms of the African metropolis.
It is there, in the streets of Brazzaville and Ouagadougou, that she was introduced for the first time to the hypnotic sound of Black So Man, a politically conscious Burkinabe singer of the late 80’s, and to the powerful rhythm of the Afro beat pioneer Fela Kuti, alongside great American singers and lyricists such as Vera Hall, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Leonard Cohen.
By absorbing and blending many influences, Taali M has been able to create a new musical path. Her music is a combination of late 80’s Pop Rock, Ska, Ragga with traditional African chants and rhythms. Her sound, is an eclectic, dazzling and refreshing boom of rhythm; mixing various instruments such African drums, violins, guitars and piano.
Taali M’s music is an offering of love with a message both powerful and spiritually uplifting.
Strongly inspired by socially responsible artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Taali M wants to use her music as a medium to share her thoughts, concerns and hope for a better world.

Joseph Baldassare
co-writer/arranger & producer

Upon my first meeting with Taali M, I asked her if she wanted to be famous or important. Her immediate response was “important”, so I already knew I was in the company of a rare breed in these ‘make me famous” times we live in. We sat and discussed God and the World and it dawned on me that Taali M would be the perfect vehicle for the message of “Stand on the Shoulders of Giants”. We tailored the song to include African leaders, altered the form and melodic structure and custom designed it to fit Taali M’s unique performance skills.
Working with Taali M has been one of my great pleasures as she is elegant, intelligent, witty and worldly and is committed to serving a higher God.






Kunduru Music is
home to the
Living Theater series.


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