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Living Theater act one

While living in Athens, Greece in the mid 90’s through the early 2000’s, producing Greek artists for Polygram, I had discovered a new movement. European DJ’s were creating compilations by selecting tracks from various artists and producers, assembling them in a said sequence then releasing them in their own name. This movement quickly caught on more »

Living Theater act two

They say once you’ve run one marathon you will definitely run a second. The second offering continued to expound and expand the depths of this insightful concept of contemporizing world music. Utilizing several artists found on Living Theater act one, while introducing four new artists (Sabine Wamier, Sienna Joy, Terry Barber & Missarah) Living Theater more »

Living Theater act three

“The Beat Goes On” and “Bang, Bang” were two tracks that I had completed with Erica Jennings several years earlier. It wasn’t until Living Theater act three came along that they both their rightful place. The mix of a Middle Eastern arrangement with a wester pop song had always been on my mind since the more »

Living Theater Presents: Groove Guru

From our first breath, we are all programmed by the sound of bells. School bells, church bells, wedding bells are all nothing less than doorbells of perception in the understanding of human response. With this in mind, rather than leave the bell with its dogma I decided to further project it into a new musical more »

Living Theater Trilogy

This Living Theater box set contains all 36 tracks found on the collective Living Theater act one, two & three disks plus 12 additional Living Theater gems. The 3x CD package is accompanied by a 40 page full colour booklet graced with fantastic photography of celebrated photographers Michael Palladino and Ken Shung while explaining the more »