Living Theater act one

LTA1 Cover

While living in Athens, Greece in the mid 90’s through the early 2000’s, producing Greek artists for Polygram, I had discovered a new movement. European DJ’s were creating compilations by selecting tracks from various artists and producers, assembling them in a said sequence then releasing them in their own name.

This movement quickly caught on (Cafe del Mar, Buddha Bar, Hotel Costes etc.) and in essence became the beginning of a lifestyle movement as well as a music movement. The etherial multi cultural blend of languages and styles seemed to open a new chakra in people. Somewhat world music, somewhat lounge this progressive new music swept the mediterranean and further found its way into the rest of Europe, Asia and ultimately the world.

Taking notice of this new movement I realized that there was a myriad of artists I had met along the way who although supremely talented, had not been able to secure recording contracts. As I had personally been involved with music from around the world, world music was no stranger so I reached out to all of them and gave them each one song, set the sequence and hence, Living Theater was born. “Living Theater vol. 1 modern music from the mediterranean and beyond” became an instant favourite on the Greek islands and further caught the eye of DJ Ravin at the Buddha Bar in Paris who contacted me asking to license “Solo por tu amor” in order to launch Buddha Bar 3. That further led to many more licensing requests by The Buddha Bar and other compilations worldwide. Living Theater act one is an enhanced look at the maiden voyage of what would become the Living Theater series.

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