Living Theater Presents: Groove Guru

LTGG Cover

From our first breath, we are all programmed by the sound of bells. School bells, church bells, wedding bells are all nothing less than doorbells of perception in the understanding of human response. With this in mind, rather than leave the bell with its dogma I decided to further project it into a new musical spotlight. After experimenting with several bell sounds I found the resonance I was looking for and began embracing its innate tone and wisdom with a consistent family of instruments (bass and drums) joined by the occasional guess (trumpet, flute, guitar). I saw the bell as the keynote speaking, the back up band as its podium and the subsequent additions as guest speakers.

My intention was to create a continuous instrumental dialogue enhanced by rhythms representative of the times we live in thus providing the listener with their own modern day soundtrack.

Upon completion of the recording I began contemplating the cover design.

I had first imaged the cover photo with an Elephant as the feature but after discussing the idea with my long time friend, photographer Ken Shung we found ourselves twisting the initial cover idea. Modeling out collaborative design after Lock magazine images we were both influenced by during our childhood we agreed on a groove, mod, indelibly cool approach to a retro look. Just like the old days, we went shopping for Caroline’s (model) outfit (wig, eyelashes, dress, fishnets and boots) and shot the cover on a fabulous Devember Sunday in New York. Conceived in New York and recorded in Brussels, Living Theater presents Groove Guru is my finest example of rehearsed spontaneity.

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