Tracy Young remixes Living Theater


Tracy Young was introduced to me by my brother Frank. As I had a ritual of producing artists all year then at years end doing remixes of hits I had had during that year (while living in Greece) he suggested that I do the same for Living Theater.

So we handed Living Theater act one, act two and act three over to Tracy and let her select her favorites and remix them as she saw fit.

One by one as the remixes were completed I was more and more impressed and pleased. Upon completion we called upon Michael Palladmo and had him design the cover art. The compiled 11 remixes would become “Tracy Young remixes Living Theater” and wound up being Tracy’s first solo outing. Tracy went on to remix for the likes of Pink, Madonna, Cher and countless others and remains of a force of nature on the dance circuit today. But once again, Living Theater showcased her talents first.

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